-Made to order/Ships in 2-7 days

--Photo taken with flash, moon image will look different in plain light
-Double brush knit fabric
-Features REFLECTIVE crystal imagery
-Matching mask available as add on
-Soft and tie adjustable

-Refer to mask sizing info for best fit

Crystal Dimension Headband

    For best size fit to your face: Measure your face from the bridge (Middle) of your nose to the earlobe, that should give a good indication of what size you need.

    Regular size is 5.5 inches from the earlobe to the bridge of the nose. The height is 5.5 from bridge of nose to bottom of chin.

    Large is 6.5 instead.

    If it's from 4.5-6.5 inches I would get the regular, any bigger than I would suggest the large.

    Most face shapes fit regular. Large size is great for broader face shapes and more prominent jawlines. Model is wearing a regular size.