Marble Surface
Marble Surface


We are Hannah & Tony, the owners/photographers/designers/sweat shop workers of That Electric Touch.
We went to our first fest together summer 2017, Bonanza Campout (RIP☠). It felt like we had felt true magic for the first time. From there we were obsessed. We sat in wonder at the festival and knew we wanted to be apart of it somehow.
We started making outfits for events and went to any rave or festival we could get tickets. In college we both had studied product design and knew how to sew( kinda lol). We would stay up till 2 am everynight jamming out and making clothing. Everytime we would go to raves people would ask Tony where he got his clothing from. That was our lightbulb moment, festival and rave clothing for men ⚡
I'm not kidding when I say we went broke. Every penny went towards buying fabric and coming up with ideas. FOR 2 YEARS. But we have never had a doubt about our place in the world. We have always been strict with our agreement with the universe. It has and always will provide 🤲 we know there are no shortcuts and take pride in the smallest details of our work.

Over time our style has evolved, but more we hope our designs spark a little bit of the magic you feel when you go to your first festival. The static in the air, almost like it has an electric touch too it ✋⚡